New: NVWA Handbook on Food Supplements

When placing fortified foods and herbal preparations on the market, you must comply with the general and product-specific regulations for these products. These regulations are described and explained in this new handbook. The NVWA does not give advice on individual questions. For that, companies can contact their branch association or a specialised consultancy agency. See: [...]

Mandatory camera surveillance for Spanish slaughterhouses

Video cameras must now be installed in Spanish slaughterhouses to monitor animal welfare. The Council of Ministers in Madrid adopted a corresponding Royal Decree this week. The cameras should ensure that animal welfare is improved during unloading, stabling and stunning, in all Spanish slaughterhouses, including mobile systems. During the slaughter of poultry and [...]

Honest story about Dutch meat

The Dutch meat chain has joined forces to present an honest story about Dutch meat. This is done under the title: 'Holland Meat Country, where tastes differ'. According to the meat chain, much has been said and written about the meat sector in the Netherlands in recent months and years. In politics, in the newspapers and in the media.

New outbreaks of avian influenza

During this period, highly pathogenic avian influenza was identified in poultry in several places in the Netherlands. The sites involved are Abberik (NH), Lunteren and Maurik. Chickens and ducks are being culled and there is a ban on transport. For an overview of the news and backgrounds, see the NVWA website:

After years of struggling, finally a fence against wild boar and ASF

For about five years, wild boar have been able to walk freely along the railway track near Stroe. For two councillors of the municipality of Barneveld, this is now enough. Especially in view of the advancing ASF virus, they are demanding the immediate relocation of a fence over a length of approximately three kilometres. Since the construction in 2017/2018 of [...]

New: Covenant on decent livestock farming

Good animal welfare is more than preventing problems. The 'next step' is positive animal welfare. Talks on a covenant on decent livestock farming will start soon. Integral: other challenges such as nitrogen are taken into account. Part of the policy of the new coalition government is this Covenant on Animal Husbandry. A letter from Agriculture Minister Henk Staghouwer about this will be sent to the House after the [...].

A shortage of vets in the Netherlands and Germany

At the end of January 2021, outgoing Minister Schouten received various signals that there is an imbalance between supply and demand in the veterinary labour market. Not only at the Dutch Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority (NVWA), but also in practice. Only in a Parliamentary Letter of 21 July 2021 did she indicate what should be done about it. Not only in [...]

Political developments in EU and The Hague regarding EU (veterinary) legislation - wk 33

August 2022 EU legislation adopted -Commission Recommendation (EU) 2022/1342 of 28 July 2022 on the monitoring of mercury in fish, crustaceans and molluscs. -Commission Implementing Regulation (EU) 2022/1345 of 1 August 2022 laying down detailed rules for the implementation of Regulation (EU) 2016/429 of the European Parliament and of the Council as regards registration and recognition [...]

117 reports of heat stress in animals

The Dutch Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority (NVWA) received 117 reports of animals suffering from heat stress on livestock farms, in meadows, at assembly centres and in slaughterhouses during the hot days of last week. It concerns the period 13 to 20 July 2022. The authority has considered and assessed the reports. People who suspected [...]

Investigation into reputation of supervisors started

In July, an investigation was launched into how state supervisory authorities acquire their public reputation. The reputation of supervisors is not only based on expertise, but also on effectiveness, empathy and justice. Phase 2, in which citizens and supervised organisations are asked for their opinions, will start in September. In this research, a number of [...]