WOO request support for producers of meat substitutes

By the end of 2023, the Minister of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality provided information on developers, producers and sellers of cultured meat and meat substitutes who have received government support. In the form of finances, subsidies or other contributions in knowledge or support over the period from 1 January 2016 to 26 July 2023. The [...]

Europe divided over wider rules GM food

A genetically modified tomato, apple or cucumber. If it is up to Brussels, they will be more common in supermarkets in a few years' time. This is because the European Commission wants to relax the rules for some new genetic techniques. Although it remains to be seen whether the plan will get enough support. For instance, the Italian government has [...]

Entrepreneurs establish region cooperative with its own currency

Eric Gijsbers is one of the initiators of the Region New Brabant South East (NBZO) that started over two years ago. With his wife, he wanted to focus on the interests of citizens in his region. As many technological developments enable the decentralised production of primary necessities such as energy, food, health and education, [...]

NVWA replaces Unsafe Food Reporting Guide with strict instruction

The Netherlands Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority (NVWA) has replaced the Unsafe Food Reporting Guide with a simple but strict instruction. This instruction replaces the Reporting Guide with immediate effect! This creates new discussions. New instruction Entrepreneurs must always report (potentially) unsafe food to the NVWA within 4 hours. This applies to food you have imported, processed, produced, delivered, [...]

NVWA runs social media campaign on allergens

The NVWA is currently running a social media campaign on food allergies. For eight weeks, the Dutch Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority (NVWA) is running an online campaign to urge entrepreneurs to provide good information about allergens. Entrepreneurs in the catering industry and shops are required to list 14 allergens if they have been used in the preparation of [...]

Visual meat inspection in young animals in Belgium

In Belgium, the FASFC has published a circular providing visual meat inspection of young cattle, young small ruminants, solipeds and pigs. The letter contains a risk assessment and conditions to be observed to allow such inspection. All animals will receive an AM inspection (live inspection) and a PM inspection (meat inspection) at the slaughterhouse. The primary purpose of [...]

Less food waste leads to problems at food banks

Supermarkets and food producers are wasting less and less food. Good news, in principle, but not for food banks. Last year, food banks were already able to distribute about 5-10 per cent less, this year they received 20 per cent less food. The Food Bank was once established to distribute food that would otherwise go to waste to needy people. "That flow is taking [...]

Health council: eating more plant-based food is healthier and more sustainable than meat

Eating more plant-based food instead of animal products is better for the environment and also healthier for most Dutch people. The Health Council concludes that. A more plant-based diet reduces the risk of disease and can reduce the environmental impact of our food consumption by 25 per cent. The independent scientific advisory board examined the effect [...]

Turnaround to circular economy by 2050

The Dutch government wants to move towards a fully circular economy by 2050. In practice, this means radically less and more efficient use of raw materials. To make this happen, major changes are needed in the industry, processing, consumption and logistics of materials and goods. What the fully circular economy will look like in 2050 is [...]

Bluetongue in the Netherlands

Blue tongue virus infections have been detected since September 2023. The last time this virus occurred in the Netherlands was in 2009. View the map with number of blue tongue infections per hometown below. The map is updated weekly. Map of bluetongue infections per place of residence Bluetongue must be reported. Livestock farmers or vets should report it if they [...]