G. van Selm

Résumé of Gijs van Selm MSc

G. van Selm (1963) studied at Wageningen Agricultural University (WUR) where he graduated in 1988. His major subject was Animal Science. He also did Management Studies and Farm Economics as a minor. From 1988 till 2000 he worked for SturkoMeat, the largest private meat company in the Netherlands.

In 1991 he started working as Manager of a small meat production plant being responsible for production, sales and distribution of pork to retailers in the middle and west of the Netherlands. Under his management, this plant expanded from 25 to 80 employees over the period 1991 – 97. Also in 1997 a separate distribution-centre was commissioned.

From 1998, he worked as a Manager of the company’s largest plant in Lichtenvoorde. At the end of 1999 the management of the company’s second large plant in Apeldoorn was temporarily added to his responsibilities. Besides slaughter, the activities in these plants were cutting, deboning and the further processing of pork. The Lichtenvoorde plant employed 400 and Apeldoorn 275 employees. Both plants operated in national and international markets in both the industrial and retail sectors.

In addition to operational site management, he has gained experience with project management, for example setting up and implementing quality and logistics systems and feasibility studies for (biomass) energy projects. Environment is one of his specialties. In addition to various permit procedures, he has also been involved in environmental care, waste water treatment, waste reductions and cost reductions. Projects aimed at improving efficiency, technical returns, working conditions and quality programs also belonged to his responsibility. These projects include the chain from farm till consumer.

Over this period he was responsible for project-management, remodelling of production plants, environmental care, waste water treatment, waste reduction, and cost control. He was involved in projects for improvement of efficiency, yields, animal welfare, and chain production.

Since 2000 he has been working as a Consultant for Condor Consultancy.
His fields of expertise include:
• business process reengineering;
• feasibility studies in on-site processing of animal byproducts.
• participation in sector committees on veterinary regulations
• (interim) management at large production plants (beef, veal, pork and meat products).
• interim management wastewater treatment.
• implementation of various quality control systems such as HACCP, BRC, IFS. Obtaining (export) approvals (EC, USA, Russia, etc)
• advising meat production companies on (environmental) permits, Dutch Food Safety Authority, investments, etc.
• market survey on the Chinese pork production
• greenfield startup of a large pig slaughterhouse with meat processing in China