Drs. H.T.J. (Henk) Rosendal DVM

H.T.J. Rosendal (1947) studied in Utrecht (Veterinary Medicine 1971). His interests lie at the intersection of food technology, food safety and veterinary legislation and regulations. Within that framework, he followed numerous courses/trainings in the field of technology, hygiene and the environment, HACCP and in the field of administrative action in relation to the General Administrative Law Act.

From 1971 to 1983, he worked as a veterinarian in various positions at the Meat Inspection Service "Salland" in Olst. Among other things, he was a veterinarian for red meat and meat products, head of the laboratory and a re-inspection veterinarian.
During this period, he was also a teacher and assistant course leader for 7 years at the annual courses for inspectors of slaughter animals and meat (known as "old style" courses under the auspices of the Ministry of Health).

From 1983 to 1985 he was director of the Meat Inspection Service "Midden en Oost-Twente". After the formation of the RVV (State Veterinary and Meat Inspection Service) in 1985, he continued to work as RVV District Director in the same working area and his field of activity was extended to include poultry and game inspection. During this period he was involved as a lecturer in legal knowledge and as an examiner in the "new style" training courses for inspectors, the introductory courses for inspection veterinarians, the retraining courses for inspectors from red meat to poultry meat and vice versa as well as the training courses for company inspectors of poultry meat. From 1985 to 1995 he was also a member of the VWS advisory committee for the Meat Inspection Act.
From 1995 he was mainly involved in special assignments as a company inspector, client manager, lecturer, examiner, expert witness. From 1998 he was involved as a teacher/examiner in the training courses for CBS/START inspection assistants for pigs/bovine animals and from 2000 in the training course for RVV Practitioners. He was actively involved in the VWA/RVV pilot project UBA (Uniform Findings Administration-red meat companies), which started in 2002. He has also given various workshops on "knowledge of the law" for, among others, the AID, the VWA/KvW, companies and livestock farmers.

He has been working as a veterinary consultant at Condor Consultancy since 2004. His knowledge and experience are mainly in the field of:

  • Current veterinary - both European and national - legislation and regulations, including policy rules and the so-called "pseudo-regulations" of the NVWA (contained in, for example, project plans, protocols, animal disease scenarios, norm sheets, procedure manuals and working regulation files, insofar as published on the NVWA website: nvwa.nl).
  • Knowledge transfer (curriculum development and implementation). He is able to translate the complex legislation and regulations into practically oriented lessons, work assignments and training courses.
  • Interaction between NVWA on the one hand and companies in the food production chain on the other hand (e.g. trouble-shooting, mediation).
  • Teaching (registered teacher at the Central Register for Short Professional Education, CRKBO).
  • Here are some recent activities and some yet to come:
    - from six traffic schools for the daytime courses for professional competence in livestock transport and professional competence in poultry transport;
    - administrative assistance to (livestock) transport enterprises;
    - at SVO Food, Houten as of 2020 lecturer in legislation and regulations/inspection and monitoring in the training courses official assistant red meat (KIWA>KDS).

* NVWA is the abbreviation for the Netherlands Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority (Nederlandse Voedsel en Waren Autoriteit)