Y.W.J.M. Bemelman

Y.W.J.M. Bemelman

Yvon graduated from Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam in 1993.

From 1994 till 1999 she worked for SVO (the Dutch college for the food industry) as a social science researcher. In that position she wrote reports for several subsidised courses. She also gave trainings at production companies regarding quality assurance. Next to that she developed several quality systems for meat producing companies.

In 1995 she developed and implemented the quality system for the Vereniging van Keurslagers (VVK), a first class butcher?s organisation with 600 members at that time. Because of this she became member of the Regulier Overleg Warenwet (ROW), a platform of experts of hygiene and labelling established by the Ministry of Health. In 2008 the VVK became under her supervision, the first organisation with a ?green status?, published on the website of the NVWA (Food and Safety Authority in NL). This implied that members of the Keurslager Organisation were less audited by the authority. Yvon also developed several courses and trained the butchers and their employees. In 2016 she became senior advisor.

From 2006 to 2011 Yvon improved the department of technical affairs at Koninklijke Nederlandse Slagersorganisatie, the Dutch Butchers? Sector Organisation. Her tasks were: lobbying, policy development and implementation regarding technical affairs, HACCP and the reflection and impact of national and EU law for meat producers, butchers and small slaughterhouses. Amongst her achievements are a new national HACCP-system for butchers and small slaughterhouses, a barometer for sustainable butchers and the Young Butchers? competition. She also created structures for lobbying. This resulted in the membership of several strategic committees (EU and NL) of which she was a member. She contributed to a national law for small slaughterhouses that resulted in fair retributions and practical methods for the cleaning of livestock trucks.

From 2011 till now Yvon writes articles for Vleesmagazine (a Dutch meat magazine). In 2013 and 2014 Yvon also worked for Nederlands Bakkerij Centrum (NBC), the knowledge institute for the bakery sector. There she developed the first national HACCP-system for the bakery industry. Next to this she was advisor for food legislation.

In 2014 she developed Stichting Verskwaliteit Nederland, a foundation with the objective to make legislation easy and practical for specialist food retailers. Because of the new labelling regulation in 2014 she developed courses about allergens and labelling, she also trained butchers, fish specialists, and other retailers. With Versplatform Nederland she developed a digital solution concerning allergens information. In 2014 she developed a management system about animal welfare in slaughterhouses.

In 2018 – 2019 she completed the full FSSC22000 lead assessor training at Lloyds Register (internal) and now supports companies with the food safety management system. She has developed a practical instrument for SMS’s and Stichting Verskwaliteit Nederland (foundation) to be quickly certified for FSSC22000. Traditional companies (hygiene code) can grow step by step to FSSC22000. Delivering their specialties and regional products to wholesalers and supermarkets becomes a lot easier.

Yvon has been working as a management consultant at Condor Consultancy since 2016. Her experience includes:
– Assisting companies that produce products of animal origin with questions and problems related to regulations.
– Coaching QA managers at companies for the development or improvement of the food safety management system (FSSC22000, BRC, IFS).
– Writing clear articles, instructions and protocols around regulations.
– Training management and employees in the field of regulations, food safety and continuous improvement.