Political developments in the EU and The Hague with regard to (veterinary) legislation in the EU

June 2022

Adopted EU legislation:
-Implementing Commission Decision (EU) 2022/1021 of 27 June 2022 amending the Annex to Implementing Decision (EU) 2021/641 on certain emergency measures in relation to outbreaks of highly pathogenic avian influenza in certain Member States.
NL laws and regulations:

Official Gazette 2021: no publications of interest.

Government Gazette 2021:
-Decision by the Minister of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality of 20 June 2022, no. WJZ/ 22217073, to amend the Decree establishing the LNV Audit Committee
27-06-2022, Government Gazette 2022, no. 16949.

- Decision of the Minister of Justice and Security of 30 June 2022, no. 4068486 to amend the Policies for Extraordinary Investigating Officials in connection with some substantive changes regarding the boa policy
30-06-2022, Government Gazette 2022, no.17353.