Condor consultation


30-minute consultation via telephone or video call

  • After payment you will receive a questionnaire to complete
  • Complete and return the online questionnaire
  • We may need additional documents to get a clear picture of the situation
  • Our specialist will read up on the situation and plan the consultation
  • Sometimes we may not be able to help you, and we will always be honest about this.
  • The interview lasts about 30 minutes

Do you have a question or problem after an audit? Do you have a fine that you do not agree with? Or do you need advice on, for example, regulations, animal welfare, efficiency improvement or the environment? Our experienced consultants will be happy to advise you.


  • Advice whereby the issues are first properly considered
  • Advice containing the broad outlines and details
  • Advice taking into account trends and developments
  • Advice in line with one's own practical situation
  • Our advice = customised